Yes, You Can Afford to Go Solar – The Cost of Solar Panels in 2022

What About the Solar Panel Installation Cost for My Home?

If you are curious about how much solar panels cost, it generally depends on a few factors. These include:

When installing solar on your home’s roof, there are several factors to consider.

Electricity needs – How much energy you currently consume will directly relate to how big of a solar system you need and how many panels you need to support your home’s energy needs.

Where you live – How much sun exposure your home’s roof gets will directly correlate to how much energy your solar system can produce and will impact your solar system’s size. More sun means more energy produced and a greater potential to save with solar.

Choice of solar panels – Higher-efficiency panels produce more energy. The efficiency of the solar panels directly impacts the savings you can experience.

Roof angle – In solar panel installation, it is important to angle the solar panels so they can get maximum exposure to the sun. Houses with irregular rooflines, skylights, and challenging angles can make installation more complicated, but not impossible.

Installation labor and project management – Different areas have different regulations regarding the installation of solar panels. In some areas, this process might require the contractor to pay more than the average cost or to spend more time than usual getting the license.

Purchasing options and incentives – The payment option you choose will affect your costs, as well as your eligibility for incentives.

When you choose Sunnova as your solar service provider, the cost of your rooftop solar system includes parts (solar panels, inverters, mounting equipment, conduit, and other components) and installation labor, as well as project management, including HOA approvals, permitting, and inspections.

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Yes, You Can Afford to Go Solar – The Cost of Solar Panels in 2022
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