Asif Khokhar

Asif Khokhar

Asif Khokher is seasoned Professional Engineer and certified NABCEP PVIP having 24+ Years of experience as Consultant/Owner’s Engineer and Project Manager in various domains like Front End Engineering & Design, Tender Design, Detailed Design & System Integration, Design Review, Approvals, Inspection/ Commissioning in the field of Instrumentation & Control Systems, SCADA and Solar Energy Systems in more than 30 No. of international EPC projects.

His extensive experience comes from various industry domains like Power/Utility, Oil & Gas Petrochemicals, Metro Train, Hydropower and Water/ Wastewater.

He also delivers professional trainings courses through online and in-person class rooms.  He is currently owner and director of an engineering consultancy firm.

Education & Certifications:

BSc Electronics & Communication Engineering | MBA |
NABCEP PVIP Certified License # PV-062121-030063 | Certified Automation Professional (ISA – CAP) License #100235 | RMP (PMI) – License #1849539 | PMP (PMI) – 2013 ~ 2016, PMP #1670133

Country Experience: USA, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Nigeria, UAE, Bahrain, UK, Germany and China.

Email: asif.khokher@innovasyses.comA

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