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A Paid Course can be purchased online on this website using your Debit / Credit Card or PayPal Account. electnology.com process payments through secured international payment gateway of 2checkout, which provides option of paying through Debit/Credit Card or Paypal. If your Debit/Credit Card does not work then you can still use or try Debit/Credit Account as Guest through PayPal Service (you donot need to make a Account at Paypal to checkout). Please download  this document “Payment Help” to follow through and purchase the Course.

Our Refund Policy is provided at “Refund and Returns Policy“.

Yes, you will receive emails from electnology.com and our secured payment gateway “2checkout” separately containing the Invoice and your purchase details.

No. You donot need to purchase a Free Course to enroll. Once you Register with the Website, goto the selected Course and click “Take this Course” button on top right side of the page. You will be automatically enrolled.

Once you have completed the Purchase process or enrolled, it will automatically take you to your Course page. Other way is to click on menu “My Account”, which will take you to the list of all Courses enrolled by you. Clicking further on the Course here will take you to Course where an interactive navigation window / tree on left hand side shall appear to progress through the Course.

When you have completed all the sections of the Course including final exam, a link to the Certificate will automatically appear in front of your listed Course in the menu page “My Account”. Click to download the Certificate. Nevertheless, you may like to contact at support@electnology.com further to receive the Certificate. 

Note: Not all Courses come with the Certificate. Check at Course description page for details. Moreover, we offer only “Certificate of Completion”, showing that student has attended and completed the Course. However, this Certificate cannot be attributed to ensure level of knowledge attained by the Student or its recognition by any third party.

Course duration Validity is provided on each of the Course page / description provided under menu “Courses”. Hence, you will not be able to access the Course beyond the validity duration provided therein.

Yes, we do offer Coupons for bulk purchase. Please contact sales@electnology.com to take bulk discounts. Other than that we also offer discounts on special occassions for each Course. Keep watching and follow our social media pages.

All courses are accessed online through this Website after enrolled. Some Courses come with Video Tutorials by the Tutor(s) explaining the Topic in Microsoft presentation format. Such Video Tutorial are supported by additional learning materials which are downloadable. Video Tutorials are not downloadable.

Other Courses come with self-study tutorial slides, in Microsoft presentation format, accessible only at electnology.com. Such tutorial slides have no video explanation (or voice-over of Instructors),  however, may be supported by some other’s videos and downloadable supporting materials. 

Please check the specific Course Page for details.

We are operating out of Houston, Tx, USA, and parent company is Innovasys Engineering Inc.

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