Detailed Planning & Design of Solar PV System with Calculations
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100% Guaranteed Advance Learning in Planning and Design of Solar PV Systems including On-Grid/Off-Grid Sizing Calculations for Beginners and Professionals with detailed explanation
6 Hours of On-demand Video Lectures | 24 Hours of Learning Time
Certificate of Completion included
Course Duration Validity: 365 Days
4.6  45 Ratings 115 Students
Course Author: Asif Khokher

This Course shall help you to gain knowledge required to master the Planning and Design of  Solar PV Systems. This Solar PV System Training Course is prepared to learn the ultimate theory, planning and design steps to approach the implementation of the Solar PV Systems in aprofessional manner. This Course is specifically designed to help you learn quickly all the stages, steps, techniques and important considerations required during the planning and design of the Solar PV systems. It includes detailed calculations require to size the On-Grid or Of-Grid Solar PV Systems. Each step and formula is explained in detail to carry out the calculations. Hence, This Course will go along way for you to build comprehensive understanding in dealing with the Solar PV Systems on professional grounds.

What You Will Learn:
Introduction to System Design Stages Customer Requirements and Challenges System Selection and Economics of Solar PV Systems
Selection of Type of System Economics of Solar PV System Payback Period, Net Present Value And Internal Rate Of Return Calculations
Levelized Cost of Solar Photovoltaic Systems Project Scope of Work and Agreement Estimating User Load Requirements
Understanding System Specifications Request For Proposal or Tender Document Site Survey and Planning
Shadow Types Detailed Shading Analysis Area of The PV Array And Inter-Row Distance
Window of Obstruction and Reduction In Yield PV Array Location and Orientation PV Array Tilt and Orientation
Optimized String Connections Array Mounting And Mechanical Design Factors for PV Array Mounting Design
Mounting Structure Material and Types Mechanical Design And Techniques Solar PV System Selection, Sizing And Calculations
PV System Configuration Concepts and Inverter Selection Load and Critical Design Analysis Equipment Key Design Concepts and Parameters
System Sizing Calculations: On-Grid System System Sizing Calculations: Off-Grid System Battery Bank Sizing

1) This Course has four major sections:

a) System Design Stage-I: Customer Requirements, System Selection, Economics And Sales Of PV Systems

b) System Design Stage-II: Site Survey and Planning

c) System Design Stage-III: Array Mounting and Mechanical Design

d) System Design Stage IV – Solar Pv System Selection, Sizing And Calculations

1) This Course shall take your knowledge and understanding to a level which shall be sufficient to plan and design a Solar PV System.

2) This Course Planning & Design of Solar PV System with Calculations will cover various topics related to Planning and Design of Solar PV Systems. These topics are necessary to grasp the professional understanding prior to start designing and installing of Solar PV Systems. Efforts have been made that all such topics and questions are covered. This shall ensure comprehensive learning takes pace in couple of hours.

3) This Course Planning & Design of Solar PV System with Calculations comes with a nominal low price, compared to similar courses available in the market. This Coure is a promotional collateral from us. Quality of the Course is promised at par with other commercially available Courses worth thousand of US$. You definitely going to Save Hundreds of Bucks.

4) This course is as good for you if you are statring to learn the basics  or is at advance level of Solar PV systems.  If you have expereince in Solar PV field then this course will rebuild your sound understanding about Solar PV. Hurry up and finish the course.

5) In case you are looking to take more comprehensive course then click Learn Essential Theory, Planning and Design of Solar PV System with Calculations – Self Study


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Detailed Planning & Design of Solar PV System with Calculations
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