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100% Guaranteed Advance Learning of Solar Energy, PV Modules & Systems for Beginners and Professionals with detailed explanation
2 hour of On-demand video | 6 Hours of Learning Time
Certificate of Completion included
Course Duration Validity: 365 Days
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Course Author: Asif Khokher

Solar Panel Training – Ultimate Theory Course shall help you to gain knowledge required to master the Solar PV Panel or Modules. Solar Panel Training Course is prepared to learn the ultimate theory behind the Solar Panels, Solar Energy and Solar PV Systems. This Course is specifically designed to help you learn quickly all the academic theory of Solar PV Panel. It includes theory of  Sun, Solar System, Solar Radiation, Solar Energy, Solar Panels and Solar Systems. This Course will build comprehensive understanding in dealing with the Solar PV Systems on professional grounds.

What You Will Learn:
Detailed technical theory behind the science of Solar Photovoltaics consisting of all the core components necessary for every professional Complete Theory of Solar PV and associated science of Sun, Solar Radiation and Solar Energy on sound footings Theory of working and performance of Solar PV Modules and Systems on sound professional basis
Practice number of questions involving Calculations of differnet parameters of Solar Photovoltaics To Learn on sound footings and professional grounds in Hours – from Zero to Perfection Advantages & Disadvantage of Solar Photovoltaics
Understanding Solar Photovoltaic Industry Stakeholders Understanding Solar Radiation, Solar Light, Extraterrestrial Solar Radiation,Solar Constant and Terrestrial Solar Radiation Understanding Atmospheric Effects, Global Radiation, Direct Radiation, Diffuse Radiation and Albedo
Understanding Air Mass, Peak Sun Value, Peak Sun Hours, Solar Irradiance and Irradiation Understanding Solar Irradiation Measurement Instruments: Pyranometer, Pyrheliometer, Irradiance Meter Understanding Earth Orbit and Rotation, Solar Time and Equation of Time Graph
Understanding Sun Path Charts and Solar Window, Photovoltaic Module Azimuth and Tilt Angles Understanding Photvoltaic Cells construction: Conductor, Insulator and Semiconductor, Band Gap of Conductor, Insulator and Semiconductor Understanding Photovoltaic Effect and Solar Cell Working Principle, Structure, Materials and Fabrication of a Solar Cell and Module
Understanding Current-Voltage-Power Curves of Solar PV Modules, Temperature Coefficient and Calculating Voltages Understanding Efficiency and Fill Factor, Module Series and Parallel Connections of Solar Panels Understanding Bypass Diodes, PV Module Labels, Standard Test Conditions and PV Module Standards

This Course has two major sections: a) Solar Radiation, Energy And Earth Rotation b) Photovoltaic Cells, Modules And Arrays

1) This Course shall take your knowledge and understanding to a level which shall be sufficient to work as Solar Professional.

2) This Course will cover various topics related to Solar PV and Systems including Sun, Solar System, Solar Radiation and Solar Energy. These topics are necessary to grasp the professional understanding prior to start designing and installing of Solar PV Systems. Efforts have been made that all such topics and questions are covered. This shall ensure comprehensive learning takes pace in couple of hours.

3) This Course comes with a nominal low price, compared to similar courses available in the market. This Coure is a promotional collateral from us. Quality of the Course is promised at par with other commercially available Courses worth thousand of US$. You definitely going to Save Hundreds of Bucks.

4) This course is as good for you if you are statring to learn the basics of Solar PV systems.  If you have expereince in Solar PV field then this course will rebuild your sound understanding about Solar PV. Hurry up and finish the course.

Solar PV Ultimate Theory

Good Luck !!

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Solar Panel Training – Ultimate Theory
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